Design and quality always were closest to my heart. Nasch was created out of my passion for uniqueness and reflects in all products. A bag is a permanent companion through life. You trust it with your most precious and therefore we also give it our highest attention to detail.

natascha schreiegg

Natascha Schreiegg spent a large part of her childhood in Italy and grew up amongst craftsmanship and design. Although her political science studies brought her to Munich, Ms. Schreiegg never lost her hunger for Design and created NASCH as a free brand. NASCH was founded in 2015 on the characteristics of quality, aesthetics and individualism, which are deeply rooted into the company. The name NASCH stands for the initial letters of first and last name of the founder Natascha Schreiegg.

A central part of NASCH design is the fan, which can be mysterious, playful, attractive, but also protective. It shields from negative and only allows the positive in – a perfect companion during your day. Due to the manyfold interpretation of the fan it plays an essential part in the design process of NASCH and is also included in the logo.

Besides smart design and high quality thanks to an end to end manufacturing of every product by hand in Italy, Natascha Schreiegg also chooses the used materials very selectively. At an age of only 24 years, she was able to secure the worldwide rights on the Mesh Gold and Silver material from Leu Locati. Mesh is a special material using woven strings of pure gold and silver, which are prominently featured on NASCH bags. Once, Mesh was only reserved for royal houses and was only to be worn on special occasions. Today, you can feel like royalty by buying your own Nasch bag and be a part of our big NASCH Family.

Royal Mesh I

25% Gold + 75% Silver

Every buyer of a NASCH product is part of the NASCH Family. As a member of this community you are known for your appreciation of high quality, design and individualism. Your trust in NASCH is our motivation and helps us to strive to improve even more each day.


About the certificate

Every NASCH product carries its own serial number. This individual serial number symbolises the unique nature of NASCH’s products and that each bag is one of a kind. At the same time, the number represents a personal relationship between NASCH and the customer. In addition to describing the product, the certificate also serves as a warranty.