NASCH Interior

The details are not the details. They make the design.

Charles Eames

From highly decorated rooms to a creative use in accessories, Royal Mesh is guaranteed to give any interior the royal treatment.

The flexibility of Mesh makes it an ideal partner for an exclusive use in interior design projects.

Due to its perfect ability to mould and it’s durability, Royal Mesh can be used in various environments where appreciation of high quality, individual design are paramount. From wall panels to decorative items, from the use throughout the rooms in an elaborate home to a luxurious yacht or even a private jet – creativity can run free with Royal Mesh.

Headboard and lamp shade design

Headboard design and lamps shade with the use of Royal Mesh in a truly luxurious bedroom.

Imagine your bedroom getting the royal treatment with a Mesh headboard and lampshades or your living room decorated with pure gold and silver wall panels finished with Royal Mesh soft furnishings.

Any of the patterns of the Royal Mesh can be used for interior design purposes, making it truly unique.

Bedroom lighting

The flexibily of Royal Mesh allows for a highly individual use of any pattern in decorative items.